Courteney Cox-Arquette was born Courteney Bass Cox on June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama. She grew up with her parents, Richard and Courteney, in a Southern family as the youngest out of four siblings, older sisters Virginia and Dottie and the older brother Richard Jr. Though named after her mother and grandmother, Courteney was a ‘daddy’s girl’. When her parents divorced in 1974 and her father moved, she was crushed. Both of them were re-married a couple of years after the divorce. Courteney attended the Mountain Brook High School and enjoyed cheerleading, tennis and swimming in her spare time.

In her final year of High School she appeared in an ad for the ‘Parisians’ store. When graduated in 1982, she began studying architecture at Mount Vernon College in Washington but dropped out after a year to try to make it as a model. Courteney was signed by Ford Models and graced covers of teen magazines such as ‘Tiger Beat’ and ‘Little Miss’. She then started to appear in commercials for brands Maybeline, Noxema, New York Telephone Company and Tampax. While modeling, she also took acting lessons and in 1984 she got a small part in As the World Turns as a character named Bunny. That same year she was chosen to play the girl surprised to get to dance with Bruce Springsteen in his video for song ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

The year after being discovered through the musicvideo, Courteney got a role in the TV show Misfits of Science but it was cancelled after just a couple of months. A few years after, in 1987, she auditioned for the part as Lauren Miller, Michael J Fox’s character’s girlfriend, in Family Ties. After it’s two-year-run, she tried to make it in the movies and starred in movies such as Cocoon: The Return, Blue Desert and The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them. In 1989, she also started to date actor Michael Keaton. They ended their relationship in 1995. With the year of 1994 came Courteney’s big break. She played Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Melissa Robinson, in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and auditioned for the part of the aspiring cook Monica Geller in the new TV Show called Friends, as you all know, she got it. The show became a huge success and was followed by hundreds of millions of viewers world-wide, it ran for 10 years

With the success of Friends, Courteney had the power to choose roles who were challenging her acting skills and starred as teacher Sophie Jacobs in drama November, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2004. The rest of the year, Courteney spended with her daughter, Coco. In 2006 she made a comeback on the movie-scene with the voice of the cow Daisy in animated comedy Barnyard, as scientist Marsha Holloway in Zoom and with a cameo in David Arquette’s directorial debut The Tripper.

Courteney made her comeback to the small screen with the role as tabloid editor Lucy Spiller in the drama Dirt, produced by her and David’s production company ‘Coquette’. Courteney and David also served as some of the executive producers of the show, which premiered January 2 on FX with 3.7 million viewers, the best ratings of the network’s premiere episodes that season.

Future projects include a, so far untitled, movie in which Courteney’ll play the mother of a hip-hop dance student, who discovers she’s got what it takes. “I have moves. I don’t have those moves, but I’ll learn them”, she said about the fact that she’ll dance by herself in the movie. Another future project is Cowboy Bob, a movie produced by Courteney and David through ‘Coquette’, in which Courteney will have a small role as well.

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